Monday, September 24, 2007

Utard wannabe

We went to utah this weekend and had alot of fun catching up with friends and family... The kids got to see there cousins and were so happy.
The drive up there was not bad at all. The kids were great!

Saturday we went to a Monument dedication of Jesse's great great great grandfather Anson Call at This is the place Heritage Park. Elder oaks spoke and did the dedication it was really neat.

Funny Story; The kids saw a bunch of people dressed up like pioneers and while pointing at them they yelled " PIRATES"

I want the white one mom!!!

Of course while the dedication was going on my girls were running around.

Finally they stopped upon horses and while Micaela is feeding the horses.... Alina is trying to ride them....

A friendly visitor

The other day I came home and saw a tiny desert tortoise coming up to the front door. I took it inside and let the kids hold and "play" with her for a little bit.

They did not want to let her go but finally they let me put her back outside to go find her mommy!

Christian:" Bye tiny turtle, thanks for coming over"

Sunday, September 16, 2007

So we went to take our family pictures about a week ago, and I'm sure you can relate..... The kids are going crazy the husband is getting cranky and I'm trying to stay calm... right? They didn't turn out to bad.. I think they really captured the kids personalities.. Don't you?

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Kids say the funniest things

Christian: "Mom my tummy is snoring cause I'm so hungry "

Christian: Are Jersey's ears tiny or big

Me: They're big

Christian: Oh my ears are big... I must look like a dog!

Me: "Micaela, say you are sorry right now!"
Micaela: "Sorry right now."

Alina: "Mom I have the hiccups"... (she sneezed)