Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Little Nermaid

Sunday was Micaela's Birthday She turned Four!!! I can't believe what a little lady she is. Saturday night my sister treated us to dinner and the ballet. Micaela and I ate Chocolate cake for dinner and after we went and saw the Little Mermaid, or as Micaela calls it the Little Nermaid.

(Me and Micaela)
She had so much fun watching Prince Eric and all the characters dance, but she never took her eyes off Ariel, and when she wasn't on stage she would ask me where she was, constantly.

(MJ and Micaela)
Everyone there kept telling Micaela how cute she was I swear this little girl makes friends wherever she goes.

(A Cril Micaela a Seahorse and Me)
After the show some of the characters came out and she was able to take pictures with them and get their autographs. She was so excited.
(Sebastian and Micaela)
As soon as the show was over she wanted to see it again. We had to convince her that Ariel had to go to sleep so she settled for a little mermaid doll and mermaid crown.
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