Friday, June 27, 2008

Alina turned three...

It's June 23rd and I went for a bike ride early in the morning before the kids got up.... Well when I got home they were up alright and had decided to make a special birthday breakfast for Alina but instead of getting down the salt they got down the food coloring.. And well they decided to Hulk out...
Food coloring comes out of the carpet it wiped off the floor but on kids it leaves a green sheen that only comes off after a few showers... So needless to say we postponed her birthday pictures...

Here is her princess crown cake she asked me to make... not the best but I think I'm getting a little better.

It was a fun filled day with lot's of birthday requests that ended up with a pizza party followed by cake and Ice cream

I was hoping that now that she's three she would no longer be a terrible two... I think it got worst.
But we love her...
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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Crystal Cove

Friday me and the "twins" went to the Crystal Cove state beach. It's the best beach and I love it. This beach is dedicated to perserving history. Lot's of 1920's movies were actually filmed here and recently the historical society came in and renovated cottages for the public to rent out. It's super hard to get reservationS as they book seven months in advance and sell out within five minutes. So we just went for the day but one day...

Regardless our day was fun; we played in the water and found a crab. We let him go and dug treasures in the sand for awhile,we had lunch at the beach comber cafe and then played some more. Before we left we walked up the stairs for shakes at the shake shack and then took the tram to our car.

We had so much fun.

(Just coloring.)

(At the beach comber cafe waiting for lunch that came with frozen bananas...yum)

(Shakes from Ruby's Shake Shack)

I had to bribe Alina to take a picture with us with Shakes... See previous picture.

(This is the Beach Blanket I made out of towels)

(Photography by Alina)

(Micaela loves pictures, Alina does not)

(Just kickin' it.)

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Go Granny Go!!

We started the evening with a quick shopping trip, where Jesse bought me a purse and picked out some perfume for me. (FYI Miss Dior Cheri smells really good)

Then we met his family at Chevy's for dinner (soo good)
And then since I was feeling a little ancient Jesse took me to K-1 Speed an indoor go cart track
in hopes of making me feel youthful

It was a lot of fun racing around the track but when we left I felt more like a granny....

See... the track attendants kept making me pull over so others could pass me by. Apprantly I was going to slow!!

I even think Jesse lapped me as well as everyone else on the track !!!
We had a lot of fun though.
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Happy Birthday to me!!!

So I'm 25!!!
And I feel old!!!

But regardless this is the cake I made myself.
It was an orange pineapple cake with coconut cream cheese frosting... yum!
(Those are dried pineapple slices on top)

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