Monday, July 7, 2008

Las Vegas= Bad Haircuts

This last Wednesday I was lucky enough to get to go to Las Vegas with my friend KC.
We got a room at the Monte Carlo and tickets to a Natasha Beddingfield Concert.
It was Hot Drive, but after a not so quick stop at the Outlet mall we tackled the road and made it just in time to get ready and head over to the House of Blues.

Too bad we couldn't take pictures in the concert becuase it was awesome, The Veronicas are sooo awesome live and if only I could sing like Natasha. Unfortunately Kate Voguele (sp?) didn't show and no one knew why. It was a blast.

After the concert we went to the Eiffel Tower Restaurant for Dessert. It was closed. But just our luck the manager let us up to look around and said he'd try to get us some desserts.
The Desserts and View were amazing.

The next day we went to the spa were I got a massage. Then we hit the pool until 12:00. We checked out and made our way home...

On our way home Jesse called to warn me... Christian had decided to give his sisters a haircut

I'm not sure if you can see in the pictures how bad it is, but he didn't just cut a few here and there, he cut out chunks of their hair. I knew they would have to go super short in order to get evened out.

I'm thinking they thought it would fun to have their big brother cut their hair but I'm pretty sure they are not to happy with him now.

I took them in as soon as possible to try and get it fixed. Micaela sat perfectly still and I'm afraid she liked going to the salon a little too much.

Alina did not like it at all, so they were only able to even out some parts the back still looks really bad. But here are the end results...

And I guess Micaela forgives Christian.
Not sure if Alina does though...