Sunday, January 11, 2009

Seaworld and BBKing

(Brian, Beth, Dane Penguin, Lexi Alina, Micaela, Jesse and Me)

Xmas was hectic, we had a wedding in utah in which it took us 30 hours to get to due to the nasty storm.
Family dinner after family dinner cookie exchanges and shopping galore.
Everyone got what they wanted the kids got more than they needed and we enjoyed every single minute of it.

Before the year was over we had the chance of using our seaworld passes one more time. It was Saturday morning and we got everyone ready, except Christian didn't wanna go he said it was too cold and he would stay with Grandma and Grandpa. I tried everything to get him to come but he didn't want too. He's such silly little old man. Rylee wasn't feeling so good so Grandma said she could stay too.

We had a fun time just with the "twins" though it felt kind of weird with only two kids!

We watched the Dolphins, ate strawberries and creme funnel cake, popcorn and cotton candy, walked around some of the aquariums and finished our trip with the Shamu Holiday Show.

December 29th Jesse and I went to the House of Blues in Downtown Disney to see 83 year old BBKing.

His opening act was Chris Pierce a really good singer whom I had never heard of, but really enjoyed .

Then came BBKing he had so many stories to go along with his songs
It was pretty cool to see this living legend!

It took about an hour after the concert to get our car from Valet, we ran out of gas when we were about two miles from the gas station... didn't get home until close to 2 am. But had a great time all the while!

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