Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Baseball and the Beach

Angels vs Red Sox...

Aside from the fact that the Angels lost... it was a good game! Picture this... bottom of the ninth, bases are loaded and angels are down by one.. 2 outs and 6 foul balls later Angels lose the game 4-5...

but the weather was great the seats were good and we had a blast...

Victor and Sara sporting their gear....

Lucky for me after the game Jesse was feeling young and spry and took me to Crystal Cove...
We ate at the Beach Comber cafe and I walked on the beach then it was up the stairs to the Shake Shack....
I love this guy

Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Diego Yoga Tour

I have been planning my Yoga Tour since last September and waiting for the perfect time to go and try out different studios in San Diego. Finally after months I got to go!
I woke up way to early and drove down for Yoga in the Park.

I had about an hour and a half (my longest break of the day) before my next class so i decided to go for a run around Balboa park

This place is amazing, they have museums galore, a theatre, the botanical gardens an organ pavilion a japanese friendship garden etc...

So i ran back to the car grabbed my camera and enjoyed snapping pictures

I hated to leave but I was there for yoga... I'm sure people think i'm crazy but I love trying new styles of Yoga and learning what I can. I just soak it up. I took a Kundalini Class a Bikram Class (which kicked my butt by the way) and still had another class to go.

So after a nice rest and a hot shower we were ready to paint the town and eat some good food!

We didn't even get lost... well not really and luckily had made reservations before hand!

We went to a restaurant called Portugalia for a Belly Dancing show were the Shimmy sisters were performing... they are pretty amazing and yes that is a real snake!

We "only" had to wait an hour and half for our food but luckily we barely noticed with the show our appetizer and there house bread... Our food was sooo good though it was worth the wait, well except for Beth's her's was weird!

After our meal we got a delicious chocolate cake with a cream filling and a really soft chocolate icing topped with raspberry's!

When we left the restaurant we decided to stop for hot chocolate at Denny's where we sat and talked till 1 when we headed for the yacht.

I had such a fun time with these girls! And finally went to bed around 2 after getting reprimanded my Beth's 14 yr old son! Unfortunately I had to leave by 6 am to get back home in time to teach my yoga class while the girls went to Extraordinary Desserts for breakfast... this place is amazing and i am still extremely jealous!!!


Bet you're jealous now too!

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On Caela's bday i got to take just her to Disneyland. We had such a fun time riding the teacups, getting to meet some princesses, eating ice cream, riding the teacups again...
It was by far her most favorite ride... she kept telling me to go faster and faster and i had to close my eyes in order not to puke.

She was a little disappointed the Ariel was nowhere to be found but was happy to meet Cinderella Jasmine and Belle...
She was the happiest little girl after getting her face painted and thought i was a pretty cool mom too!
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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Late B-day Caela

It's been pretty crazy around here with birthdays and spring break... This was Micaela's Birthday cake... she loved it except she said, " Mom she's supposed to have red hair like ariel!" and i said "Yeah but this mermaid has blonde hair like you" she looked at me and said, "That's yellow-ah." and walked a way... gotta love her attitude..

She was so excited that her best friend Audrey could come over for her party

These were the lips off the mermaid

Best Friends
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