Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Christmas morning came and went...

all the anticipation...

flashes before you in a blink of an eye...

Until next year.
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Christmas Lights

Off to go see the LA Temple Christmas Lights

Not to much going on this year at the temple

but pretty all the same

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Christmas Decorating

This year I literally let the kids do all the decorating

Usually I am one of those people who has a "designer tree"

So letting go of that was not easy

I ended up with the best looking tree and the happiest little kids ever.
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Puppy Love

Meet Kitty our poodle mix

Yes he's a dog
Kinda funny when you call him ," here kitty kitty"

And out runs a puppy!
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Alina was supposed to be a cheerleader but decided to be a punk rock fairy instead.

To be honest I cannot remember what Christian said he was going to be but as usual he didn't dress up.

I was a witch/ vampire

Rylee was Dorothy

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Making Popcorn Balls

and carving pumpkins

Happy Halloweeeny!

He's 7!

For Christian's Birthday we took him to Disneyland. I'd love to write about how we went on all the rides and had so much fun but this kid is an old man!

We literally rode Indiana jones and Pirates of Carribean and he was done.
We ate churros and popcorn and went home. We had to force him to go to eat as well.
He had fun but he's a little homebody and hates to travel further than grandma's house.
I should be happy about that right?
We love our little fuddy duddy!
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