Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where did the summer go?

Summer was filled with Swim Lessons, Library trips, beach trips, and driving mommy and daddy crazy!

Here's Micaela going into the First Grade

Alina going into Kindergarden

Rylee starting preschool (yes I cried for days)

And my Christian who refused to take a picture going into the second grade! I miss these kids when they are at school but love it after a long summer break when they do!
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Completely out of order

So I was trying to post from where I left off and managed to create a mess. Excuse it. I'm making one of those bound books. I'm hoping I'll be able to adjust it there.. Hopefully all of you are well.. Enjoy!

Micaela my 6 year oldl ittle lady

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Turning 6 Means TWO cakes!

She wanted a Hannah Montan Guitar and Purse

Not my best work but my Micaela Leila Girl loved them!

She's one happy little girl. LOVE HER!

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Going to Disneyland

She was the happiest little bean this day, eating churros and popcorn for lunch,

Riding the horsey

and riding ont he teacups over and over and over again!

and eating another churro!
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Lady Antebellum and Tim Mcgraw

For my Birthday Jesse took me to see Tim Mcgraw

When we were dating he used to bust out the ole' guitar and play Tim's songs for me...

I felt like a pretty lucky girl!

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Beach: Our happiest place on earth!

Early summer = freezing cold waters

But they're tough!

Lovin our family time...

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Happy Birthday Rylee You're three!

For the longest time Ry was and still can be honory

She's the baby so she get's her way most the time

But we love our little Girl whether she wants us to or not!

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Utah Trip with Daddy

Means having lots of fung going places

Decorating Easter Eggs with Uncle Dane and Aunt Beth

Going for Pizza at a cool Pirate Place

having so much fun we fall asleep in our popcorn at the movies!

and even squeezing a little friend time with cousins...

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Santa Ana Zoo

One thing we all enjoy is going to the zoo cause theres elephants...


and lot's of laughs!

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